10 Amazing Ways To Repurpose Crayons

Great satisfaction comes from taking something old and useless, and creating something entirely new.

If you have kids or grandkids, you know how crowded and messy the craft area, cabinet, drawer, or corner can get. How didyou end up with so many different kinds of markers, so many shades of glitter glue, and all of these bits and pieces of paper? It is a mystery that will never be solved.

Another thing that ends up in a lot of folks’ craft spaces are tiny stubs of crayons that are difficult to draw with, but it’s hard to throw them away because you paid for the whole crayon! Or perhaps you just have way too many of them sitting around in the first place.

It’s hard to figure out what to do with extra or broken crayons.

These 10 alternativecrayon uses are perfect for putting those scraps and extras to good use, and for creating something entirely new. Most of these are also super fun activities that you can do with your very own kids or grandkids!

Will you be trying any of these crafts to repurposecrayons?

1. Crayon Wine Stoppers


This wine stopper made out of old crayon wrappers is truly a work of art. Any half-empty bottle of wine would be lucky to be so adorned.

2. Crayon Tree Branch Pencils


You can use any tree branches to make these fun crayon pencils, but this woodworker decided to recycle a Christmas tree in this way. You can make these awesome pencils any season, though, with any branches. You just have to drill a hole into the middle of a branch and melt the crayon into that hole.

3. Crayon Playdough


Use your old crayon scraps to make your own homemade playdough. All you need is some all purpose flour, water, vegetable oil, salt, and cream of tartar.

4. Doll Crayons


Who doesn’t love a mini version of just about anything?This dollprop is perfect for your kid or grandkid’s favorite doll or stuffed animal to use alongside of them while they are coloring.

5. Crayon Monograms


Gather up all the extra crayons and little stubs you’ve got taking up space in the bottom of the craft bin and glue them to some cardboard for placingon your kid’s shelf!

6. Crayon Shavings Pendants


Shave your broken crayons into something of a powder to melt onto homemade clay pendants for a fun custom creation.

7. Crayon Candles


Make a cool geometric design using wax colored by old crayon bits to create your very own custom candle.

8. Crayon Lip Colors


Melt old crayons into some Vaseline to make your very own customized colors. Become your own beauty supplier!

9. Crayon Easter Egg Decorations


Drip some melty crayon wax onto your Easter eggs for a fun, abstract look. You could also dye them first before this step for an even more dynamic appearance!

10. Crayon Vases


You’ll need some high-tech tools for this one, but the end result of carving a vase out of a block of melted crayon bits is pretty darn incredible, don’t you think?

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