11 Classic Christmas Traditions From The Past You Probably Never Do Anymore

Every family has their own Yuletide traditions they look forward to bringing back each year. In my house that means playing board games on Christmas Eve and watching our favorite classic holidayfilm,A Christmas Story.

That said, there are some universal customs that we all look forward toas we count down to December 25th. Whether it’s hitting the mall to visit Saint Nick himself or just enjoying the decor surrounding you on the streets, the world justfeels a little cheerieraround this time of year.

Unfortunately, some of the most beloved past times have become, well, things of the past with modern practices taking their place. It’s a shame considering most of these forgotten traditions revolve around spending more quality time with your family.

Take a look to see what you and yourloved ones can do this year to embrace the charm from holidays of the past.

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1. Chopping Down A Tree From Your Yard


Before neighborhoods became more clustered and crowded, folks could just hop in their backyard to find the perfect tree.

2. Sending A Family Newsletter


While some families still do this, overall we mostly rely on our Facebook feeds tokeep everyone updated year round.

3. Singing Carols To Neighbors


You might see chorus groups going around now and then, but what’s stopping us from gathering to spread the cheer ourselves?

4. Using Actual Stockings


Kids today obviously love giant stockings stuffed with extra presents, butusing the real deal might help them be a bit less greedy.

5. Filling Them With Fruit And Chocolate Coins


Again, keeping it simple like folks from the old days can help youngsters really focus on the more important aspects of the holiday.

6. Putting On A Christmas Eve Pageant


Some churches still perform the annual show, butthis used to be a tradition for families in their own living rooms.

7. Dad Dressing Up As Santa


After all, you can’t “see mommy kissing Santa Claus” without suiting up!

8. Running A Toy Train Around The Tree


This always addeda delightful dash of holiday spirit to any tree skirt.

9. Stringing Popcorn And Cranberry Garlands


The process may be tedious, but it’s also one of the best opportunitiesto get cozy with your family and tackle the project together.

10. Making Homemade Gifts


There’s no denying we’re a more technologically obsessed culture these days, but that shouldn’t stop us from using our own two hands to create something extra special for our loved ones.

11. Getting Gussied Up


Even if it’s just throwing on your “good” pair of pajamas, dressing for the occasion always helped get everyone in a more festive mood.

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