11 Surprising Facts About Garth Brooks That Most Fans Probably Dont Know

Though he’s one of the most famous entertainers across the globe, there are still plenty of Garth Brooks factsthat even his most loyal fans might not know.

Trust me, I’ve loved his multi-award winning music for most of my life. My first ever concert experience as a little girl was seeing him during a homecoming stretch of five sold-out performances in Tulsa, OK,way back in 1997. Of course, that was right at the height of his major success throughout the ’90s, and there was no way my family and I were going to miss out on the fun!

But even I have to admit I didn’t know quite as manyGarth Brooks facts as I thought I did when I discovered just a few of the gems listed below. For instance, did you know his first name isn’t even Garth? That one definitely threw me fora loop.

Take a look and let us know if we missed any surprising Garth Brooks triviathat you’ve uncovered over the years.

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1. His First Name Is Troyal


Named after his father,Troyal Raymond Brooks, Jr., the iconic performer goes by his middle name instead.

2. His Mom Was A Singer Too


The singer has always made it clear just how much he cares for his mother, Colleen Carroll Brooks, and even penned an emotional tribute to her, simply titled “Mom,” in 2014 following her death in 1999.

Before he ever even thought about stepping on a stage, though, Colleen was a country singer in the 1950s. Sherecorded on the Capitol Records label and appeared on Ozark Jubilee.

3. He Was More Interested In Sports As A Kid


Despite his mom’s background in the music biz, Garthhardly sang while growing up and focused more on his athletic skills in high schoolas a member of the football, baseball, and track teams the latter of which earned him a scholarship to Oklahoma State University where he competed in javelin.

4. He Has A Degree In Advertising


If his music career hadn’t taken off,I’m sure his flair for words would have made him just as successful as an ad-man after attaining his degree in the subject from Oklahoma State University in 1984.

Garth laterwent back to school again to earn a masters degree in business administration in 2011.

5. He Has A Huge Fanbase In Ireland


When he arrived on the Emerald Isle in 1994, his performance attracted the biggest crowds the country had seen since Pope Saint John Paul IImade a visit in 1979.

6. His Songs Have Been Played In Space


Space shuttle mission specialistColonel Bill McArthur brought along a copy of Garth’sThe Hitswhen he traveled 3.4 million miles on board the Russian Mir space station in orbit back in 1995.

7. He Has 77 Duets With Trisha Yearwood


Roughly three-quarters of Garth’s recorded songs have been duets with his current wife, Trisha Yearwood. The pair often performed together before Garth’s divorce from his first wife, SandyMahl, allowed them to finally tie the knot.

He also refuses to sing love duets with anyone other than Trisha and insists that she’s the best singer in their home.

8. He Is The Best-Selling American Artist In History


The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) lists Garth as second only to the Beatles in world-wide sales, but here in the States he managed to top Elvis Presleywith148 million units sold to date, about 10 million more than The King.

He is also the only artist in the history of music to release seven diamond-certified albums.

9. He Co-Founded A Charity For Children


Founded in 1999, Teammates for Kidspartners with professional athletes and celebrities with amission to provide funding for children’s hospitals, provide athletic and educational programs for underprivileged inner city youth, and create “Child Safe Zones.”

10. He Turned Down A Role In “Saving Private Ryan”


According to a lawsuit filed in 2013, Garth apparently didn’t want to play second fiddle to both Tom Hanks in the military flick or to a tornado in the thrillerTwister when offered roles in each film.

11. He Tried To Give Part Of His Liver To One Of His Best Friends


When his friendand fellow performerChris LeDoux, famously referenced in one of Garth’s earliest hits “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old),” suffered from liver cancer, the singer selflessly offered to donatea portion of his own organ.

Unfortunately, the pair wasn’ta match. Chriswas still able to undergo surgery thanks to another donor, but ultimately passed away in 2005 after losing his second battlewith cancer.

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