11 Surprising Things You Can Donate To Goodwill

There’s nothing like a good spring cleaning to give you a fresh start. Decluttering your home of stuff you simply don’t need anymore can do wonders for your mood. If you haven’t done it in awhile, I highly recommend it!

However, oftentimes, peopleend up throwing away their things instead of donating them. That’s just silly, especially when there are so many folks out there in your own neighborhoodwhocould benefit from it.

Goodwill takes donations, and sells them at a discounted price. The profits go towards programs that aid low income people who need help getting back on their feet.

But what, exactly, can you donate to Goodwill? More than you think!

It’s not just clothes that Goodwill accepts. From furniture to electronics to jewelry, they will take a surprising amount of things.

You might have thought that there was nothing to do with the 11 items on this list, but Goodwill will put them all to good use!

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1. Old VCR Wires


Somehow, stuff like this seems to multiply in your basement. If you take them to Goodwill, they can recycle the copper inside of them.

2. Torn Shirts


The shirt won’t be sold, as it’s damaged, but it will be recycled into a rag, which can be bought by the bag in the store. Finer fabrics might even be given to instrument makers or other craftsmen that need high quality rags.

3. A Lone Shoe


Goodwill has a program that matches single shoes with a very similar one and sells the fraternal pair at a very affordable price.

4. Old Eyeglasses


Goodwill partners with another nonprofit that matches old prescription eyeglasses to low-income folks who can’t afford a brand new pair.

5. Halloween Costumes


Has the time finally come to get rid of that banana costume you’ve been wearing for 10 Halloweens straight? You can drop it off at Goodwill, even in the middle of the summer.

6. Records, CDs, And Tapes


If you’ve made the switch to being completely digital, you can donate all the outdated hard copies of your music to Goodwill.

7. Broken Christmas Lights


Goodwill does not accept broken electronics, for the most part. The exception is broken twinkle lights, as they can recycle to copper from inside of them.

8. Accessories


When sorting through your old clothes, you might not think to go through your accessories as well. Belts, scarves, handbags, and the like are all greatly appreciated!

9. Computers


Goodwill will erase your hard drive, so your secrets are safe. No one at Goodwill will look at any of your files before wiping them, and then the computer will be sold, or possibly given to a low income individual who needs one.

10. Sheets


You can’t donate mattresses, because according to the law those need to be sanitized for resale, but you can donate your gently used sheets and towels, as long as they are not damaged or stained!

11. Cars


If the car is working, it might be used for one of Goodwill’s many programs that drives folks around to various appointments. If the vehicle is kaput, then it will be recycled.

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