11 Vintage Piggy Banks Youll Wish You Had For All Of Your Loose Change

Piggy banks have been the holder of little kids’ small fortunes for some time, but clay vessels have been used to hold money since the Middle Ages. In fact, a clay called pygg was used to make money pots centuries ago, and that’s how the jars evolved into “pig jars,” and then “pig banks.”

The piggy banks from more recent times, though, hold a special sentimental place in our hearts. I’m sure that most of us, whether we were born in 1950, 1970, or 1990, grew up with a piggy bank nearby. Those coins we’d find lying on the sidewalk really added up, and if you were smart, you’d keep them nice and safe in your very own piggy bank!

Vintage piggy banks from the 1900s are all so adorable. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes beyond just pigs after all, the term comes from the old material, not the animal and they’re all so unique.

Did you have anything like these vintage piggy banks in your home growing up?

Thumbnail source: Pixabay

1. Sweet In Pink


This adorable little piglet is still perfect for any little saver out there.

2. 1950s Kitch


This 1950s Japanese-made piggy bank is both elegant and kitchy at the same time.

3. Little Leprechaun


This little guy will protect your moneyuntil you’ve saved up in this vintage bank.

4. Ceramic Owls


These vintage wise owls know that every little bit counts when it comes to savings. Those coins really do add up!

5. Refined Piggy


This 1950s Hull Pottery piggy bank is for those who are serious about savings, but don’t have a tastefor pastel pinks or floral patterns.

6. Sneaky Robber


This vintage bank robber is such a fun piece. This sneaky raccoon is so devious!

7. Happy Tiger


This 1970s tiger piggy bank is sure to make you smile. Just look at the big old grin on this guy’s face.

8. Mama And Baby


This adorable vintagebank would make me want to save a bit more just because I’d want the excuse to look at it more often while I drop my coins in.

9. Domestic Pig


Who wouldn’t love this domestic pigcooking up a turkey from back in the day sitting on their bookshelf holding coins?

10. Slightly Terrifying Egg


This charming piece of kitsch isn’t exactly for those whomight be afraid of the dark. But for those wholive for the slightly bizarre, this egg piggy bank is justperfect!

11. Happiest Little Piglet


If this happy little vintage piglet doesn’t put you in a good mood, I don’t know what possibly could!

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