12 Cats Who Really, Really Didnt Want To Go To The Vet

In my experience as a cat mom, there is nothing more taxing than taking my sweet boy to the vet’s office.

The first step to taking a cat to the vet? You have to get him or her into the carrying case. This step alone may result in a few scratches on your arms or other various parts of your body.

Cats aren’t dull, and they know they’re going toa place that they do not want to go to when you take out that carrying case, and they will do everything in their power to resist.

However, taking your cat to the vet is so, so important for your furry guy’s health and happiness, and you have to make sure you go at least once a year for a checkup. Kitty may be scared on the table, but it’s just a blip in time before you’re back at home feeding your cat his or her favorite treat, and you hear that sweet purr again.

These 12 scared cats at the vet really, really did not want to go tosee the doctor, as you can tell from their photos. But they all handled the stress in their own adorable ways.

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1. Over It


This cat does not think it’s funny to be at the vet. In fact, she thinks it’s quite the opposite.

2. Safety In The Carrier


This Persian princess is not having it. Not for one second.

3. There Is No Winning


First, it’s impossible to get Kitty into the cat carrier, then it’s impossible to get Kitty out of the carrier. There is no winning!

4. The Camouflage Isn’t Quite Working


You see, in order for camouflage to work, you have to actually blend in with your surroundings.

5. There Must Be A Way To Escape


This escape artist is looking for any and all weak points in the room for potential escape. Unfortunately, all perimeters seem to be impenetrable.

6. Just A Peek


Charlie only needs a peek to know that the vet wants him up onthe exam table.

7. Please, No


This kitty will give anything, even his favorite turkey treats, to just go home and continue napping.

8. A Peaceful Protest


This British blue is very brave to forego the cat case on the way to the vet, but that bravery wasn’t about to stop Kitty from yelling the entire way there.

9. Sheer Terror


Ana Suarez

Jasper feels nothing but fear in this moment at the vet, but soon he’ll be home, snuggled up with Mom!

10. Come To Mama


There is no comfort quite like hiding in a parent’s arms, especially at the vet!

11. The Dreaded Thermometer


“Tell me one more time what this terrifying device is?”

12. Maybe The Sink Is Actually Magic?


There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home! Maybe the magical vet sink will take this kitty there.

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