12 Vintage Lunch Boxes Youll Wish You Still Had Today

Back in the day, attention to detail and craft were much more important than they are now, at least for a lot of the things in our lives.

Tin lunch boxes with beautiful designs used to be the standard. Each person would be able to pick out a lunch box with their favorite TV character or cartoon plasteredon the face of it, and they’d carry it with pride. The artistry and construction wereincredible, which is why so many folks collect the antique items today!

Looking back at vintage items can be so fun, and filling our houses and apartments with them can take us on a trip down memory lane, like with these vintage dinette sets.

The 12 vintage lunch boxes below will give you the same feeling. They’re all so adorable that it’s hard not to reminisce about your childhood when you look at them.

1. Captain Astro


If this extraterrestrial lunch box doesn’t take you back, I don’t know what will. It’s too cute!

2. Space: 1999


If only folks knew what the year 1999 would really be like back in 1976 when this lunchbox was released.

3. Peanuts


Do you think that this pup brings his treats to doggy day care in this vintagePeanutslunchbox? I hope so, because that would be downright adorable.

4. 1920s Boy Scout Tin


This tin from the 1920s is in pretty good condition. Whatever Boy Scout used this back in the day must have been very proud of it!

5. Roy Rogers


I would spend $46 on thisRoy Rogerslunchbox from The Spectrum, absolutely! Wouldn’t you?

6. Classic Tin


You can just picture your grandma or grandpa carrying this simple pail with them, pulling out a white-bread sandwich and having a nice little lunch.

7. The Munsters


George Barris, the man who created the epic car inThe Munsters,signed this special vintage lunchbox.

8. Six Million Dollar Man


Astronaut Steve Austin looks extra charming on this vintage lunch boxfromForgotten Geekery.

9. Hopalong Cassidy


The rust on thisHopalong Cassidylunch box is kind of perfect, since he’s one of the original American cowboys.

10. UFO


Everyone sure waspretty preoccupied with extraterrestrial life in the ’60s and ’70s, weren’t they? Heck, I still am!

11. Charlie’s Angels


This lunch box from Bettie Couture isbasically the 1970s in a little tin box, don’t you agree?

12. Emergency!


Firefighters are real life heroes, after all, as shownonthis lunch box fromTransporter Vintage.

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