15 Vintage Pieces That Any Wine Lover Will Absolutely Adore

When you love wine, you love wine. There’s no way around it.

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than sitting down to a relaxing dinner with a good glass of wine.

Whether you prefer tangy reds, fruity whites, sweet ports, or bubbly champagnes, that glass of wine is always oh-so yummy. Like coffee lovers, wine lovers are very serious about their passion!

There’s also something to drinking out of a beautiful wine glass, especially at the end of a particularly long day at work or with the kids or grandkids (charming as the little ones may be), taking that quiet moment to sit down to unwind.

These 15 vintage wine glasses and various wine accessoriesare all so beautiful. Would you want one of these throwback pieces for yourself? They are all so unique and wonderful in their own ways, I don’t think I can chose a favorite.

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1. Vintage Thumbprint Glasses


I absolutely love these Indiana green glass thumbprint wine glasses. Their short and squat shape are so absolutely charming, and in such a lovely color, too!

2. Old-Timey Opener


Now this is a design you simply don’t see that often anymore!

3. Emerald Decanter


I would even serve plain water from this decanter just to show it off every single day!

4. Frosted Flowers


These frosted goblets with the 3D flower detail are so elegant, if you’re looking to feel extra fancy while drinking your favorite wine.

5. Lucite Wine Rack


This honeycomb lucite wine rack is such a unique find definitely a conversation starter!

6. Bristol Blue Glass


This incredible shade of blue is so versatile, you can use it for anything from a fancy dinner party, to a casual nightcap with your loved one.

7. Gorgeous Assortment


Do you spy that milky pink goblet in the middle? Don’t you think that a table set with a smattering of these vintage glass beauties would make for one of the coolest table settings of all time?

8. Vintage Chiller


This vintage marble wine chiller is sure to keep your bubbly nice and cool, as well as stylish.

9. Fiestaware


Who doesn’t love a good collection of fiestaware? So bright and festive!

10. Wooden Corkscrew


The agingof this vintage cork screw is lovely, but I’d rather see it displayed on a shelf than use it to open my wine! I’m all too used to the newer, easierversions.

11. Little Man


This topsy turvy vintage wine glass is so much fun! Just look at that little man having a kicker of an evening, swinging from the lamp post!

12. Pink Flutes


If you live for pink, these champagne flutes are just for you, especially if you like to drink pink bubbly!

13. Here’s Mud In Your Eye


This 1950s toasting glass has the charming phrase “Here’s mud in your eye” scrawled across it. While the originof this phrase isn’t totally clear, it definitely does indicate a toast!

14. Crystal Cut Decanter


I love the crystal cut and silver accent on this wine jug, don’t you? So elegant and classy.

15. Golden Grapes


A shiny golden set of six vintage port glasses, complete with colorful bowls and an intricate grape design, are great if you are feeling extra lavish!

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