15-Year-Old Belts Out Lyrics Just Like Her Former 80s-S,tar Mom In Emotional Audition

When 15-year-old Gianna Isabella takes the stage, she has a very mature and beautiful presence. The judges start to talk to her, and she reveals she’s learned from someone who’s made it in these shoes before her mother.

If you grew up in the ’70s or ’80s, you might know her. Brenda K. Starr, well-known for her hit “I Still Believe” is this beautiful, young girl’s mother, and J-Lo actually knows her from those days. They practiced together and even worked in the same studio!

But then, we all get to find out if Gianna Isabella has adopted her mother’s singing talents.

As she starts to sing “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals, the judges realize she definitely has got talent, and then they invite her mom in for the results.

After an exciting reunion between J-Lo and Brenda, they give Brenda a seat. They talk a little bit, and then they decide on the golden ticket.

Well, let’s just say Brenda gets a bit emotional. This moment and this mother-daughter duo are absolutely one of the most memorable of the show. Don’t you think?

Let us know in the comments if you agree, or if you remember Brenda’s ’80s hit! Can you believe Mariah Carey once was her backup singer?

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