2,500-Pound Buffalo Walks Into Living Room, Couple Says Hes Their House Pet

Ronnie and Sherron Bridges are Texas ranchers, and the couple lives quite the unconventional lifestyle because of their pets. The couple allows a 2,500-pound buffalo named Wild Thing live in their home.

Hes a house pet, Ronnie told Inside Edition. Outside, he plays really rough but inside the house, hes really a gentleman.

Ronnie kept a herd of 52 buffalo, but when he lost his eyein 2004, he sold them all to pay for the medical bills. But he kept Wild Thing, who was just a 3-month-old calf at the time.

It was kind of my idea to bring Wild Thing in the house, Sherron said. We bring the dogs in the house, and [Ronnie] said, You dont understand hes a buffalo, we might not have a house left. [But] we brought him in the house, and ever since then, hes been in the house.

Wild Thing has his own room in the house and is allowed to roam a few of the others. He enjoys watching television and even changes the channels on his own.

The buffalo is also potty-trained. However, he is still a wild animal and therehave been a few close calls.

“It’s taken 10years for him to let my wife brush him and he’s not safe for other people to come near,” Ronnie said. “Something spooked him and he hit me between his horns and carried on running with me holding on, my wife thought I was dead.”

Despite the near-death experiences, the couple wouldn’t give up Wild Thing for a second.

“But we wouldn’t have life any other way. He’s our pet and we love him,” Ronnie said.

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