5 Kittens Are Totally Mesmerized By Swinging Toy, Follow Their Owners Every Move

It’s no surprise that cats have some unbelievable senses. They almost always land on their feet, and are impressive hunters. Sure, they might not always be as openly happy as dogs, but we love cats nonetheless. Especially when they exhibit talents like the ones in the video you’re about to watch. These kittens move in unison the moment their owner starts playing with a toy, and the level of focus they exhibit is absolutely unbelievable.

The video begins with five adorable kitties all sitting ontheir edge of their seats, clumped together on a wooden stand, eyes wide and attentive.

They havetheir heads pointed down at first, and we can assume their owner, Instagram user oje3423, isholding the cat toy down.

But the moment their owner swingsthe toy, the kitties instantly react, moving in stunning unison to try and track the toy wherever it goes.

It doesn’tmatter whether the toy goesup, down, side-to-side, or diagonally. These kitties astoundingly follow it everywhere and anywhere, their focus almost robotic, their eyes unblinking.

This goeson for a fewmore seconds, and though their attention to detail isalmost fearsome, it’s hard to forget how cute thesekitties are.

Of course, once one of them breaksrank, they all do, which makesme wonder if they’ve been working as a team the whole time!

It seems as ifthe fifth kitten just wants the game to stop, and beginsmeowing and lunging forward, breaking the concentration of his feline pals.

Of course, maybe they just want to get their paws on the toy!

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