Abuelas Favorite Song Comes On, Then She Busts Some Incredible Moves While Grandson Records

A normal afternoon in the kitchen turns into a dance show when Clara Rossi is around.

Once this excitable grandma heard “La Pollera Amarilla” by Gladys playing on the radio, she just couldn’t help herself.

In the video below, posted on March 11, 2017, her grandson, Joaquin Etcheverry, turns on his camera and hits the record button.

He captures his abuela swerving and shaking her hips to the beat in the open space of the kitchen. Clara’s dancing is no joke. Her footwork is impeccable and her timing is perfectly coordinated to the music.

The grandma in pink’s rhythm is unmatched as she swishes her long skirt around to match the energy of the music.

Suddenly, she looks up and sees Joaquin filming her, but she is completely unfazed and continues to dance around the kitchen.

The 74-year-oldclearly doesn’t mind showing off her dance moves for her grandson to share. As the song plays on, she makes her way around the kitchen in her dancing slippers. This abuela is certainly an entertainer and isn’t afraid to shine, no matter where she chooses to dance.

To see this abuela’s amazing dance performance and dance along with her, check out the viral video below — You won’t want to miss it!

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