America The Beautiful Begins To Play, Then Chicken Starts To Tap Keys With Its Beak

We here at LittleThings have seen some seriously musical animals, but this next video is unbelievable!

We’ve seen a dog that loves Michael Jackson, and we’ve seen another pup join in on his mom’s lullaby. However,what’sapparent is that animals of all types, not just dogs, love music, just as we do, and I do not blame them!

The power of music is one that can affect all of us. Now, loving music isn’t the same as being able to play music I know I definitely wish I could play the guitar.

Well, the patriotic chicken in the video below is somehow able to mix its love of music with its ability to play it, too!

The bird in question, affectionately namedJokgu, was filmed at its home in Germantown, Maryland about to play some keyboard.

According to her owner, Jokgu loves to play with various instruments kept in her coop.

And, if this video is any proof, Jokgu is also very patriotic, as her owner filmed her playing along to “America The Beautiful.”

Using the light cues from the keyboard, the chicken played the song almost flawlessly, her beak pecking at the keys until she got the desired note.

What’s even more impressive is that when her beak didn’t exert enough pressure for a particular note to ring out loudly, she would slap it harder, making sure the song was complete!

Check out this chicken’s performance in the video below!

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