Baby Caracal Watches Caretaker, Then Opens Mouth To Let Out An Outrageous Scream

Big cats can be terrifying. Of course, though tigers and lions can grow to be much bigger than us, they are often very cute when small babies.

However, we shouldn’t be misled: while baby wild cats look snuggly, they are still not animals that humans should treat like pets even if they do have some similarities with our house cats!

Caracals are often referred to as desert lynxes, though they don’t actually possessthe same physical attributes of lynxes. Caracals can be easily identified by their elongated ears. And did you know that a baby caracal can be picked out of a crowd based on the sound of its cry?

Most babies, whether human or animal, cry for many reasons. They’re sleepy, they’re uncomfortable, they’re hurt, but most often, they will cry because they are hungry.

Well, caracal babies are no different except that their cries are not what you’d regularly expect. For such little creatures, they can create the strangest sound when they cry.

This baby caracal in Almaty, Kazakhstan, was watching her caretaker when she decided that whatever was going on was not important. The only thing that mattered was that she had to be fed immediately.

The caracal is basically screaming for food, and we’d say that classifies as a tantrum. Still, her weird little scream is just too interesting, which is why I find it endearing.

Have you ever heard this sound before? If you thought this caracal was cute, you’ll also love this video of a group ofcaracal babies feeling grass for the first time.

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