Baby Goat Only Has Two Legs, But That Doesnt Stop Him From Getting Up And Walking

A strong will can get you through almost anything.

When times get tough and the world seems like it’s throwing you more than you can handle, the will to keep going can keep you above water.

This is the case for animals as well furry friends can endure some tough and terrible times before eventually making it to better days.

Shelter animals exemplify this perfectly. Dogs andcats can be abandoned, neglected, and abused, but they can still find it in themselves to be loving to new families or circumstances.

This was also the case for one special little goat born innorthern China.

Birthed in adverse weather conditions, the baby had damaged hind limbs. Although the farmer who raised him tried to save them, heeventually had to lose the limbs for good.

As tragic as this sounds, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the goat all to poorly. In fact, he’s found a way to utilize his front legs and walk!

The video of this amazing little two-legged kid was posted byMr. Hou, who visited the farm on business.

According to the farmer, the goat can eat normally and even walk for a couple hundred meters on his front legs without stopping how amazing is that!

This small video definitely proves that with the right attitude, almost anything can be achieved even against the odds!

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