Beagle Tucks Sleepy Baby In, Then Toddler Grabs A Blanket To Return The Favor

Dogs are some of the most affectionate animals on the planet.

As any dog lover knows, theyare always eager to get love from their humans and show how much they adorethem back.

Unlike cats, who can be a bit fickle with their affection (although we love them for it), dogs have no problem showing you just how much you mean to them.

This is especially true with children and babies dogs love little kids because they are closer to their size and are ready to give them just as much affection in return.

This particular beagle-filled family exemplified this idea perfectly in a video of their children and the furry friend.

The video begins with the sweet beagle tenderly tucking a blanket over a baby which is already incredibly heartwarming all on its own.

But then, the baby’s sister enters the scene and decides to return the favor so that everyone in the family is cozy and blanket-covered.

This sweet series of clips will definitely give you the warm fuzzies that toddler is so incredibly kind and she’s barely even that old!

Check out the entire clip below if you need an extra reason to smile today it’s almost impossible not to when both dogs and babies are involved.

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