Bentley Rolls Out the Worlds Fastest Four-Seater

If you’ve been following the automotive world this week, you’ve heard a lot about self-driving, electric, and connected cars. You know, future-y stuff. That’s because most of the world’s automakers have crowded into Las Vegas to get their slice of the news cycle at CES.

Bentley skipped the party and put out an announcement built around more conventional automotive terms: horsepower and speed. The upcoming Continental Supersports will be the most powerful Bentley ever, and at at a maximum of 209 mph—0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds—the fastest four-seat car on the planet.

That sprint time is still shy of a Tesla Model S or a high-end Ferrari, but, the Supersport is a three-ton, luxurious, all-wheel-drive behemoth. Physics generally doesn’t like to move 6,000 pounds at Mach 0.27.

Bentley bolted new turbocharges onto a reworked W12 engine to crank out the 750 pound-feet of torque and 700 horsepower that make that speed possible. Those stats put the Supersports (yes, that plural is on purpose) closer to the virile Dodge Challenger Hellcat than conventional competitors like the Rolls-Royce Wraith.

To go with all the oomph, Bentley added a splitter and diffuser to the front and rear bumpers—carbon fiber, of course. If you want to knock 55 pounds off the total weight—or just have a cooler car—opt for the 21-inch wheels and titanium exhaust system. And of course, this being Bentley, you get to customize the interior. Probably some kind of endangered wood is available for paneling.

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