Big Sister Covers Up Her Eyes, Then She Loses It When She Sees Moms Holding A Puppy

Having a pet as a kid can be one of the most wonderful experiences one can have. The memories created by having an animal be a loyal, loving best friend can be unmatched.

Sadly though, not every kid is lucky enough to have a pet growing up, no matter how much they wish for one. The young girl in the video below, little Phoebe, has wanted her very own puppy for the last four years.

On her birthday, her family sent her on a treasure hunt. Upon completion of the hunt, she would find her birthday gift.

In the video below, she was returning home after her hunt. When the door opened, her sister was covering her eyes with her hands so she wouldn’t see the surprise that awaited her.

With family members filming, she walked inside, and when her sister removed her hand, her face went from excitement to pure shock.

In the arms of her mom was an adorable puppy, the one she had wanted for so long.

Instead of running right towards her gift, the young girl instead covered her mouth and burst into tears, crashing into her sister’s arms.

Finally though, after a little comfort from Grandma, Phoebe walked over to her mom to see her beloved puppy and give him a a couple of cuddles.

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