Boyfriend Gets A Transformative Makeover To Prove That Hell Do Anything To Help His Girlfriend

Tatyanna Snyder, 17, and Jordan Shetrone, 18, have been dating for the last nine months. Before they started dating, they were best friends for three years.

And now they’re a totally adorable couple. They spend all their time together and they always support one another.

Tatyanna is a high school senior, and in her free time she works as a freelance makeup artist. It’s been her dream to attend Coachella, a huge music festival that takes place in California in April every year. Coachella tickets are ridiculously expensive though, with tickets starting around $400 for general admission.

Obviously, most high school seniors can’t afford tickets with prices like that. Tatyanna has been trying to make the money by doing makeup for people, which she charges $50 for per session. Realizing that Tatyanna desperately wanted to go to Coachella, Jordan offered to lend her $200, but Tatyanna declined.

So instead of just taking no for an answer, Jordan cleverly found another way to give Tatyanna the money she needed for the ticket.

Since she wouldn’t borrow his money, he decided to ask Tatyanna to give him a makeover, and he would pay her the normal $50.

Tatyannatold BuzzFeed News, I already knew what he was trying to do. He made an appointment with me Saturday for a full beat, glitter lashes and all. It just made my heart feel warm that he even did that for me.”

Tatyanna didn’t cut any corners with Jordan’s makeover; she went all out and made him look totally glamorous.

Even though Jordan has gotten some rude comments, he doesn’t care; he’s already told Tatyanna that he is going to hire her for more makeovers again.

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