BRB, Going To France Because There’s A Wine Theme Park

If anything in this world is specific, its that betches enjoy wine . Fucking duh. Ros, bubbles, sav b, a great cabyou name it, we like it. Since why tf not? Its scrumptious AND gets you intoxicated. Its a great deal. And the French concur with us (obvi) so theyve opened at wine amusement park called La Cit du Vin in Bordeaux (once again, obvi). Damn, those Frenchies are constantly on their A-game with betchy shit.

La Cit du Vin isn’t really a regular amusement park, like Six Flags with death trips and shit;it’s a cool amusement park however rather, a location with a lots of wine-related activities like dining establishments, tastings and stores. Obviously, the primary focus of this incredible location is to promote the culture of wine and other expensive shit, however tbh , the bottom line to me is to consume a fuck lots of French wine, amiright? IDGAF exactly what the function is. Since lifes too brief to not go to the wine park, im reservation a flight to Bordeaux right fucking now.

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