Bride Makes Grandma Bridesmaid, Then Stuns Her When She Brings Out The Cake

Vita Cresswell was always close with her grandma, Martha Wallbank. When Martha’s husband died, she moved in with Vita. Martha even taught Vita how to cook and bake.

When Vita was getting married last year, she knew she had to include Martha in a special way. She decided to make her a bridesmaid at her wedding.

“I was quite overwhelmed about the idea of getting married. I don’t like all the fuss,” Vita said.“She always wanted to see us getting married, it just made sense.”

Vita wasn’t sure about when to set the date for her wedding, but when she heard Martha’s 100th birthday was coming up, she knew that would be the day.

On Martha’s 100th birthday and Vita’s wedding day, the excited bridesmaid got up extra early, coordinated with the other bridesmaids, and punctually arrived at the ceremony. She didn’t want to miss a single thing.

Using the skills Grandma taught her, Vita made her own wedding cake for the event… though that wasn’t the only special cake. Vita designed a custom birthday cake for her century-old grandma!

“Everyone just started singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ including grandma. She was just there waving her hands and bopping her head to ‘Happy Birthday,’ and she clapped for herself,”Vita said.

She jokingly admitted that she was scared Martha would steal the spotlight, but says it turned out to be about 50-50.

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