Camera Catches Dog Acting Guilty, Then He Lets Out A Huge Fart

If you have a dog, chances are you’ve caught them acting guilty plenty of times.

Sometimes, it feels like a daily occurrence thatyou walk into aroom and your dog drops their head and gives you those eyes that mean you know they just did something.

And while we know that they didn’t mean to, we also know that not only do dogs act guilty, they also can’t help but fart!

Everyone always tries to blame the dog whenthey fart, but if you lived with the dog in this video, you certainly could!

This sweet dog just keeps farting and farting. He farts a few times in different rooms in the house. His farts are so loud, someone off camera is prompted to ask what they are feedinghim.

This gassy guy looks like he is trying to be slick about his flatulenceby pretending he is not farting, but sound and smell cannot lie. Do you have a dog that farts like this?

If you get a kick out of farting animals, you’ll also enjoy this video ofseven horses living at a retreat that can’t help but let some huge ones rip!

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