Camera Catches What Happens When Mom Leaves Baby Home Alone With Dad

Do you remember the first time you left your baby home with dad?

Nowadays, mom isn’t the only one at home after a baby is born. There are plenty of stay-at-home dads, or parents who split their time between home and work!

Adam Ballard is a stay-at-home dad, with an adorable little 4-month-oldson, Miles. In a video that has now been seen by millions, Adam shared a moment when it’s “just the dudes” at home!

Miles big sister is out of the house and so is mom, so the two men of the family were in the mood to dance.

Adam wears Miles on his chest, in a Baby Bjorn carrier, where he helps his son show off his sweet dance moves to some Michael Jackson. He managed to get the little one to moon walk!

This dad told USAToday, “That particular day, Miles was being super fussy, and I was pretty sleep deprived. We have two kids. I took the phone out and thought maybe I can do a dancing video, because we had done some with his sister when she was younger. It was meant to be a practice run.”

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