Cat Watches Toy Mouse Fall Into Wine Bag, Then Abruptly Dives Into The Bag

Some people are cat people, and some people are dog people. There’s usually no changing your mind once you commit, but there might be a few moments in your life whenyou have a soft spot for both.

This moment caught on tape may make you switch from a dog lover to a dogandcat lover because you can never really drop your love of dogs, right?

Well, when this cat named Gabriel sees his toy mouse soar into the wine bag in front of him, he starts to stare at it.

He doesn’t make any sudden movements for a few moments, then he suddenly decides to go for it.

And I don’t mean with his paws or anything he puts all his commitment into getting this toy mouse and he nose-dives straight into the bag.

The dive is something you will never forget, and I’m sure he won’t either because it looks like it may have hurt his cute little nose.

I guess we can all relate, right? There’s got to be something you would nose-dive into a paper bag for. Let us know in the comments if you can see someone you love doing this with their favorite toy or food!

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