Charter Spectrum tweets terrible wifi security advice

The Super Bowl is in two weeks. The Patriots vs the Falcons. And Charter Communications Spectrum service wants you to change your wifi password to support your favorite team!

Dont do that.

Dont change your wifi password to GO_ATLANTA or GO_NEWENGLAND. Thats terrible advice. As always, use a unique password, and if a bunch of strangers end up at your Super Bowl party, change the password after the game or even better, enable the guest SSID found in most routers. Want to show your support for your favorite team? Hang a banner or write it on your face.

Wifi security is paramount to personal privacy and the second largest cable and internet provider in the United States is throwing that out the window by advising customers change their wifi password to one of two options. Ever want to jump on your neighbors network? Try during the Super Bowl.


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