Cop Writes Homeless Man A Ticket When He Sees Him 3 Weeks Later, Officer Leaps From Car

When Chicago cops Peter White and Bob Osborne came across a panhandling homeless man in the street, they had to do their job and ticket him.

Seeing him without a coat tugged at their heartstrings, though. In the bitter cold, there was no way his light jacket was keeping him warm. Officer White promised him that he would come back.

The homeless man didn’t see the officers until three weeks later when they returned. When he saw the patrol car approach him the man was apprehensive, but his fears were quickly subsided when OfficeWhite got out of the patrol car, reached into the back seat, and pulled out a gray coat.

He put it around the homeless man’s shoulders himself, helped him get his arms in the sleeves, and even zipped it up for him! It looked like it was the right fit.

White had no idea that his partner had filmed the entire encounter. Osborne posted the footage on Facebook, and it wasn’t long before it was seen by thousands of people!

Now, the officers are hoping that people who see it will be inspired to do their own good deed this season. The officers of White and Osborne’s district are even planning on starting a coat drive to benefit those in need.

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