Couples Cat Passes Away. 2 Weeks Later, They Find A Note Tucked Into His Brothers Collar

The hardest part about being a pet owner is coming to terms with the fact that you will have to say goodbye to your pet.

It is always emotional when a pet passes away. I’m pretty sure every animal lover can agree that they wish their pet lived as long as they did, or even that they could pass away together.

Animals are an immense source of comfort and happiness in our lives, and we can only hope we’re able to give our pets as much love as possible. We can lose a pet in many ways: old age, an unexpected illness, a tragic accident, or if theyheartbreakingly run away.

A couplerecently had to say goodbye to their beloved cat, Bear, and they were quite obviously very sad about it.

However, they learned that they were not the only ones who were sad to see Bear go. They had no idea that their cat had been apart of someone else’s life, and after he died, they found out that hehad made a very good friend.

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A U.K. couple was heartbroken when their cat Bear (pictured on the right) suddenly passed away.

Two weeks after he died, they found a note in his brother Teddy’s collar.

They shared the note on Reddit; it was from a neighborwho happened to know Bear and Teddy. It seems this neighbor had grown very close with the cats and was concerned when Bear hadn’t appeared in a while.

The note read:

“Dear Owner,

I’m your neighbor, living in 4. I’m also your cats’ close friends as they (2 cats) are used to coming to my room every day. But one of them, a bigger one, has disappeared for two weeks. Is he OK? I’m so worried about him. He is so lovely cat and always touched my heart. Wish he is fine.”

It turns out the neighbor is aTaiwanese exchange student that is studying at a nearby university. The couple got in touch with her, and learned that the cats, especially Bear, reminded her of home and kept her company while she studied.

She also practiced her presentations for school in front of Bear and Teddy, as she had no friends with whom she could do this. After learning about Bear’s death, she visited his grave to put flowers to show her love.

After postingthis on Reddit, they were flooded with comments from fellow cat lovers who shared their sympathies and stories about losing their pets. It is beautiful to see a community come together and share love with each other.

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