Dad And Daughter Pay $50 For Sad, Skinny Pony. Now, Her Transformation Is Drastic

Every single animal deserves a happy and safe place to call home! No one knows that better than a tiny, skinny pony who spent her first year fighting to survive.

Thank goodness, her guardian angels arrived in the knick of time. Much like these elderly horses who just want a green pasture to retire to, this pony needed a hero to step in and save her.

The pony, now named Lagertha, was just under two yearsold when a woman and her dad spotted the sweet creature looking very sad and and underfedat a farm.

Her owners couldn’t afford to keep her. They also had other horses who were bullying the little pony, and keeping her from eating her fair share.

As a result, Lagertha was a tragic sight. The skinny pony was so thin that you could count her ribs. She was scarred all over and had mites in her fur and ears.

Fortunately, her rescuers showed up in the nick of time!

When Lagertha’s forever family found her, she was just a scrawny, nameless pony on a farm that couldn’t afford to feed her.

Her old owner happily sold her off for a measly $50. He couldn’t keep her, and the other horses were tearing her to pieces.

Because the bigger horses nipped and bullied her, the nearly-2-year-old pony was unbearably skinny. She never got enough to eat and didn’t gain weight like she should have at such a young age.

The pony weighed barely 300 pounds. That’s a shockingly low number. Most ponies her age weigh between 650 and 800 pounds.

Her new owners, posting on the image-sharing platform Imgur, explain they took her straight to the vet.

The vet took one look at this poor, undernourished creature and gave them his professional opinion: she would never survive.

In addition to her low weight, the skinny pony was covered in scars and sores from being bitten, had mites in her ears, and had bot fly larvae and other parasites in her intestines.

But this sweet pony had found herself in very good hands. This dad-daughter duo weren’t about to let hergo that easily.

They named her Lagertha, which means Viking, and brought her back to their own farm.

After she was treated for all of her parasites and got easy access to food, she quickly began putting on weight.

Lagertha got a new crowd to hand out with, too.

Instead of other horses bullying her because she was the littlest, her new owners paired Lagertha up with a sweet and gentle herd of cows.

Now, they keep her company and help her socialize, so that she gets used to having friends around her again.

Most importantly, these days Lagertha looks like a new woman! True to her Viking name, she fought the odds to grow up into a very beautiful and healthy animal.

She gained 250 pounds in short order, and developed lots of muscle.

Now, Lagertha weighs in between 600 and 700 pounds. She’s right in the sweet spot for a small pony of her size and might even gain another fifty pounds.

She’s getting lots of training to help her learn how to trust again. She’s also learning practical skills, like how to walk on a rope and carry a rider.

She takes occasional riders already, and her lessons in trust as definitelypaying off. Here she is enjoying a nap in the sun with her new “dad.” Now that is one happy horse!

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