Dancing Dad Has No Idea Hes Being Filmed When He Steals The Show At A School Dance

Ray Mason is known to be an avid dancer, if only in his living room. But after a request from his 12-year-old daughter, this regular dad absolutely stole the show at her elementary school dance.

Now the 51-year-old hasto deal with internet fame.

His daughter, Sadie Mason, was a new student at Caldwood Elementary School in Beaumont, Texas, and as such, her teacher asked Mason to accompany her tothe school’s fatherdaughter dance last month.

“She felt like she didnt have any friends,” Raysaid. Indeed, this dance would provide a chance to make some.

Before going into the school, though, Sadie expressed her nerves.

“Ive never been to a dance,” she told her dad.

“I told her, ‘Well, Ive never been to a fatherdaughter dance before. Lets just go have fun,’” Ray said.

But when Sadie finally summoned the courage to join the dance floor, she noticed something.

Well,” she said, “youre not dancing like you do at home. Daddy, you won’t embarrass me. I love you. I don’t know anybody here anyway.”

And that was all the cue Ray needed.

He whipped out some shocking dance moves, including a classic robot that would put anyone else’s to shame!

Kids and parents alike stopped to wonder at this dancing dad, with some filming ontheir cell phones, but Ray just kept on dancing, not even noticing.

One of those videos, filmed by Tobias Jones, ended up on Facebook, where it has been viewed a whopping 3million times!

Now Ray’scell phone doesn’t stop ringing with news stations and networks wanting to interview him.

But his impending fame hasn’t put a damper on his down-to-earth view on life. “It aint about me, its about my daughter,” he said. “Hopefully it will make a difference for good in this big ol world that dont stop for nobody.”

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