Do You Ever Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast? It Could Have A Huge Impact On Your Brain

Most of us know that living a healthy life means eating nutritious food and staying active. On top of exercising, eating healthily is something many people strive for.

One thing nutritionists generally recommend for losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet is making sure you eat a well-balancedbreakfast.

When people’s lives get busy with running kids to school, preparing meals for the day, walking the dog, etc. it’s easy to just grab a cup of coffee and run out the door without eating anything in the morning.

If you do manage to grab a bite before leaving the house, chances are it’s something quick and easy, like a pastry, a granola bar, or maybe even a candy bar(like this girl).

But don’t feel guilty about your breakfast choices in fact, run to the freezer and grab a pint of ice cream!

According to a recent study, eating ice cream for breakfast could actually make you smarter…

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If you’ve ever wanted to eat ice cream for breakfast, now you can and should!

Ice cream is arguably one of the most delicious foods ever invented, and now it’s scientifically recommended that we eat it for breakfast!

That’s right, a study conducted in Japan found that participants who ate ice cream for breakfast were actually smarter than participants who didn’t.


Researchers measured reaction times and information processing effectiveness in study participants.

At the end of the study, Professor Yoshihiko Koga of Kyorin University found that those who ate ice cream for breakfast had faster reaction times and were more effective at processing information.


Science World Reportexplainedthat Professor Koga found that the ice cream-eating participants had higher levels of alertness and lower levels of mental irritation.

What does that mean? People who ate ice cream for breakfast were less cranky and more alert in the morning.


Professor Koga also looked at the effects of drinking cold water in the morning, and found some similar benefits to eating ice cream.

He wanted to test whether or not it was just the cold temperature that affected the ice cream-eating participants.

However, after repeating the study with water, he found that the levels of mental capacity and alertness were still higher with ice cream than with water.


Professor Koga is doing more research into what makes ice cream particularly special as a breakfast food.

One theory highlighted in Science World Report is that ice cream triggers positive emotions and energy in people, which other foods and drinks may not do.

Another theory is that any food is better than no food, so if Professor Koga compared ice cream to another food (as opposed to nothing), he may see different results.


For now, we’ll just go with what Professor Koga says ice cream for breakfast can make you smarter!

What do you think of this study? Would you eat ice cream for breakfast?

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