Does The New IPhone 8 Rumor Restores Our Faith In Apple’s Design Skills?

An artist’s rendering of what the new iPhone 8 might look like.

Image: iDropNews

The world of iPhone rumors is in flux. Early reports that the iPhone 8 (if that’s what it’ll be called) will basically be a slab of uninterrupted glass on the front have now given way to rumors that it will be a much more conventional phone, albeit with very thin bezels around the screen.

Now, a new report from iDrop News, citing a source from Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer who builds the iPhone for Apple, once again claims that the iPhone will be all screen on the front.

In fact, the report brings back into play pretty much all the cool things we’ve heard (and were then told they probably weren’t true) about the next iPhone: Touch ID under the 5.8-inch OLED display, “invisible” selfie camera under the display, slightly curved glass on both front and back, puny, 4mm bezels around the screen.

The report also says the phone will have wireless charging, but it doesn’t mention which type, and it mentions a large power button with “two points of contact.” Finally, the entire package will have the same dimensions as the iPhone 7, the report claims.

So how does all this fit into the reports that the new iPhone will have a fingerprint scanner on the back and larger bezels above and below its display? Well, the outlet claims there are currently two iPhone 8 prototypes being tested: one is the cool one, and the other is the more convenient one.

If the latest rumor is accurate, the next iPhone will have both the selfie camera and the fingerprint sensor embedded into the display. There’s no word on the speaker grille.

Image: iDropNews

While it’s certainly possible (and probable) that Apple is testing more than one prototype of the upcoming phone, this particular report sounds a little too much like a wish list, so take it with a chunk of salt.

The outlet also went to the trouble of creating a few renders of what this upcoming iPhone (the cool version) might look like; check out the rest of them here.

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