Dog Is On List To Be Put Down At Kill Shelter, Then They Realize His Face Looks Strange

It’s been said that our most unique qualities are what help us stand out in this world. Sometimes people’s “flaws” are seen as beautiful gifts in the eyes of others. For one dog named Picasso, there is a lot of truth to that statement.

Picasso and his brother Pablo were born to a backyard breeder. Soon, they ended up at a high-kill shelter and were put on a list to be put down. The poor dogs didn’t even have a chance.

Fortunately, one day someone from Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon changed all of that.

They looked at Picasso’s face andrealized his jaw was lopsided and his lower teeth were digging into his upper mouth due to the odd placement.

The two dog brotherswere saved from their bleak fate in the high-kill shelter and eventually given their names because Picasso reminded his rescuers of a Pablo Picasso painting unique, a little lop sided, but still very beautiful.

Pablo and Picasso were inseparable, so when it came down to finding the dogs homes, it was decided that they would be a package deal.

Although Pablo and Picasso are living a much better life as they wait to get adopted by a loving family, one brother still needs a bit of dental work. Picasso’s teeth are currently poking into his jowls, so he will have to get some lower teeth removed.

To see the two brothers thriving after their rescue, check out the video below and pleaseSHARE, and visit if you or anyone you know would be interesting in taking these friendly guys home!

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