Dog Rescued After Shes Found Roaming Streets In Puerto Rico Becomes Star Of A Play

Unfortunately, there are millions of homeless dogs in the world. Whether they find their way to a shelter or are left lonely and roaming the streets, their life is always heartbreaking to look in on.

Every animal deserves some love, and every dog deserves a home.

So, when we do hear that a stray or homeless puppy finally gets the home they deserve, there’s nothing better.

Sophia, a 4-month-old terrier that was found roaming the streets in Puerto Rico, was saved and taken into a shelter and then ended up being adopted by a family in Delaware.

That family, though, had no idea they were taking in a little star! After loving and caring for adorable little Sophia, a local high school asked if they could steal her for some time for the role of Toto in The Wizard of Oz.

So, the family agreed and they loaned her out for the play! Turns out she was a natural; she did an amazing job with the role! See for yourself in the cute video below this little puppy went from having nothing, to having it all!

Talk about a quick rise to fame! Would you let your puppy be in a play? Or would they even be able to handle an experience like that? I give Sophia a lot of credit, let us know what you think about this unique rescuein the comments below!

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