EMT Saves Woman In Car Crash. 6 Years Later, He Spots Photo Of Her Transformed

Steph’s life has never been the same. During a trip to Las Vegas when she was 20 years old, she fell asleep at the steering wheel of her car. The vehicle plunged off an overpass.

When Steph awoke, doctors told her she was a C5 quadriplegic, meaning all four of her limbs were left impaired. Anthony, one of the EMT’s who saved her, never forgot the moment he responded to the horrific crash.

Anthony always wondered what happened to Steph, if she was OK andhow she was doing. Nearly six years later, Steph is thriving. While her life will never be as it was, Steph did not let her physical condition hold her back. She is now a successful beauty vlogger with a huge following.

Steph’s success is how Anthony managed to stumble across a photo of her all these years later. She may still be in a wheelchair, but Steph is an inspiring and glamorous makeup artist.

In an EMT’s career, you only have a handful of calls that stand out, and Steph’s was one of them, Anthony said.I always wondered about her recovery process.

Anthony reached out to Steph after spotting her photo, and the hosts ofThe Doctorsreunited them.Stephsaid she had been waiting all this time to thank the person who saved her.

I just feel so blessed to be able to see you! I’m so grateful that you’re here. Thank you so much! she said.

The Doctorsgifted Steph with ayear’s worth of free physical therapy and a brand-new wheelchair, because she had been borrowing hers from a friend. See the touching reunion in the video below.

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