Fifth Grader Chokes On Corn Dog, Then 2 Classmates Jump Into Action To Save Him

Do you know a fifth grader? At the level in school, children are between ages 10 and 11.

One of my nieces is currently in the fifth grade and I am happy to say she knows how to do the Heimlichmaneuver. Thankfully, so did one of these boys from Georgia.

When Hayden Gower, Bryce Greeson, and Xander Benitez, three fifth graders in Buford, Georgia, were having lunch one day, Bryce started to choke on his corn dog.

Hayden and Xander immediately jumped in to help, both of them yelling their principal’s name to get her attention. She was on the either side of the lunch room.

But before she had a chance to get to them, Hayden performed the Heimlich maneuver on Bryce and saved his friend’s life. Now the three friends can look back on this moment and know they have each other’s backs in sticky situations.

If you are so happy these fifth graders were able to help their friend, you’ll also be impressed by this middle school student who acted fast to save their friend who was choking on a meatball.

You can also learn the Heimlich for cats and dogs too! Find out how to do so here.

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