For your eyes only: Moscow’s top secret Cold War relics

(CNN)The Cold War: a time of border standoffs, spy-versus-spy intrigues and the bristling tensions of the Berlin Wall.

Today Moscow’s glittering malls and stylish cafes might seem light years away from the gray concrete and paranoia of that era — a period that stretched from the end of World War II in 1945 to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 — but its remnants are everywhere.
    From bunker complexes to rusting MiG fighter jets to the vestiges of long-defunct secret weapons programs, Moscow is a living museum of the epoch that shaped the 20th century.
    Taking a trip through this often overlooked part of Russia’s history is to time travel to a recent past when the world had two superpowers, two ideologies and spies dispatched dissidents with poisoned umbrella tips.
    We have compiled a list of these obscure, yet easily accessible, attractions set to delight Cold War buffs, military hardware enthusiasts and aficionados of Soviet-era office furniture.

    Bunker 42


    A visit to the Museum of Cosmonauts can be complemented with a walk through the neighboring VDNKh, a large park and recreation area that has its own aerospace exhibition, featuring a replica of the space rocket Vostok and the Buran, the Soviet equivalent to the Space Shuttle, as well as several other Russian-made aircraft.
    VDNKh was originally conceived as a national exhibition center where each of the Soviet republics had its own pavilion. It’s now home to a large number of recreational facilities, including an oceanographic center, numerous bars and restaurants and, in winter, a massive ice skating ring.
    Metro: VDNKh
    Cost: (Museum of Cosmonautics) 250 rubles (3.5, $3.8)

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