Fuzzy Sheep Thinks Shes A Dog, Then Shows Off Cool Trick With Her Owner

Sure, dogs and cats are the incomparable kings and queens of cute with all that fur and fuzz and wiggly, cuddly craziness, how canthey not be?

But I think farm animals are just as cute as their doggy and kitty counterparts they may smell a little funny, but they are so lovable nonetheless.

I personally love a good barnyard buddy. Pigs and their little hooves are so adorable and cows are so docile you can’t help but want to throw your arms around their necks for a hug.

Don’t even get me started on baby goats they’re so jumpy and adorable, like these frolicking little kids.

For anyone else who still needs convincing that there are other cute animals out there, thisfleecy little sheep is sure to make you change your tune.

The fuzzy pet is a farm animal by design, but she actually acts a little bitmore like a dog. Every clip of her captures a different playful trick that looks more reminiscent of a pup.

Marley lives with her owner Jane Bayliss in Western Australia, where she shows off all her cool tricks.

She even knows tricks that are usually reserved for man’s best friend have you ever seen a sheep use a dog door or shake hands?

Check below to see more of the woolly animal’s adorable antics. It will definitely make you wonder about owning a barnyard animal one day.

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