Guzzle Buddy will help you responsibly shotgun an entire bottle of wine

Image: amazon

Hey, simply wish to sign in with you genuine fast.

It has actually pertained to our attention that while you have actually been consuming an excellent quantity of wine, you have actually not been consuming it as effectively as possible.

The Guzzle Buddy may be able to assist with that. It’s a wine glass-shaped bottle stopper with a hole in it that enables you to consume wine directly from the bottle.

The Guzzle Buddy screws right into the top of your preferred ros, white or red.

Image: amazon

While we are completely on board with the idea of this item, we do have one significant issue regarding its physics: Won’t the wine shoot through the center of the base of the glass and spritz you right in the face?

Image: amazon

Perhaps Guzzle Buddy’s educational video will assist you consume from the gizmo in a manner where that will not take place.

The Guzzle Buddy is readily available on Amazon for $14.49.

Drink up.

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