Hospital Staff Lets Husband Play Piano During Wifes Surgery. 4 Years Later, Hes Still There

Len Pawleski was sitting in the waiting room of theAurora West Allis Medical Center while his wife was having surgery. Then, hestumbled upon an instrument that would soonhave a huge impact on his life.

In the video below, posted on February15, 2017, Len explains, “I found this thing, this piano over here. I had two nurses track me down, okay? Because now she was out of surgery. I didn’t have to sit in that waiting room, okay? And everything was okay.”

That wouldn’t be Len’s last time playing the hospital’s piano.

“Len’s quite the character and after a couple of days, people started to notice that he was coming every day and so, we came out to check and see who this guy was,” an employee of the hospital says of Len’s unusual habit.

Len says, “I got arrested once for coming in and playing by the security people. They never made anything, okay? So, I just came back the next day.”

Since then, he has been back to tickle the ivory keys every day. The hospital staff even keeps the piano in tune for their regular visitor.

When people started leaving money for him, Len told them that couldn’t accept it because the piano belonged to the hospital and not him. With that, a revolutionaryidea sparked in his mind.

He decided to put the money towards other families’ neo-natal intensive care, something he could relate to very well.

The “Waiting Room Maestro” states, “Way back when, I lost my first kid to a disease that is now treatable. It was a very sad experience in my life. But I come over here when I saw this neo-natal stuff and said hey, no problem.”

So far, Len and his piano skills have raised over $8,000 for various causes at Aurora West. Luckily, this maestro is not done yet.

To find out what Len is putting his piano donations towardsnow, check out the video below and pleaseSHARE his story if you admire his positive attitude and giving nature towards strangers in need!

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