Hours Before Delivering Her Baby, Mom-To-Be Dances Around In The Delivery Room

Everyone deals with stress in different ways.

When I’m dealing with stress, I love distracting myself by getting active in the gymor confiding my fears ina trusted friend.

But, again, everyone is different and we all have a multitude of ways to make ourselves feel better.

Some people turn to music to put them in a better mood, someturn to their pets or their loved ones, and others delve deep into an art project.

There are also plenty of people that turn to dancing to take the stress away, and for good reason! Dancing gets your heart pumping, releases those active endorphins, and usually involves listening to your favorite tunes.

It’s a great way to relieve all kinds of stress even, as it turns out, major pre-labor butterflies!

This is whatAmber Bush did with her sister-in-law in anticipation ofher daughter Amelia’s arrival.

Clad in a sports bra, a hospital-issued adult diaper, and a fetal heart monitor on her stomach, Bush and her husband found plenty of different ways to have fun in light of all the contractions they even practiced squats and grooved around the room for about two hours!

Around eight hours later, baby Amelia was born, and the wobblin’ mom-to-be has since gone viral.

Check out part of herprenatal dance session down below it’ll definitely make you want to get up and groove!

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