How Negativity Sparked A Beautiful Self-Love Movement Between Friends

When it comes to hateful speech and negativity, these two best friends dont get mad. They get body positive.

Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasleyare a pair of Australia-based models who are size six and 16, respectively. After a photo of the two together garnered hateful reactionsabout their bodies, they decided to take matters into their own hands and created a rad social media initiative called Any Body.

The project launched on International Womens Day with the mission to help women quit comparisons,love themselves and accept they are more than their shape, Gibbs wrote on Instagram.

Whether youre a size 6 or 16, above, below or in between, we believe you are unique and uniqueness is so beautiful in a world of so much similarity,she said.

In the week since the first image was posted to the account, photos of the pair posing together in swimwear have racked up thousands of likes and encouraging comments. Its movements like these, that feature women of different shapes and sizes co-existing in their uniqueness, that are crucial in moving inclusivity in fashion forward.

Out the water, strike a pose @chrismohen for @ANY.BODY_CO #loveanybody #healthoversize

A post shared by Any Body (@any.body_co) on Mar 9, 2017 at 5:52am PST

Gibbs and Wasley hope that their confidence and self-love will encourage others to follow suit.

Were here to show beauty in diversity, health in different forms, Wasley captioned one of her photos. We want you to embrace you.

We cant wait to see whats next from these two.

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