Jennifer Lopez Cuddles Up With Contestant To Slow Dance As He Serenades Her

This video from American Idol‘s 2014 season starts unlike most of the audition videos that we love to watch. It starts afterMichael Simeon gets his golden ticket through to the next round.

And I think he proves to be one of the most successful contestants on the show to date, even if you just measure the moments in this video!

He gets through to the next round and gets to perform and interact much more than the rest of the contestantsdo.

It all starts with one simple question: He asks Jennifer Lopez to dance. And for some crazy reason, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban are all about making that happen for this kid.

So Keith ends up taking the guitar, Harry goes over to the piano, and J-Lo cuddles up to Simon as they start to sway in the middle of the stage.

As if that’s not enough? Simon starts the serenade in complete harmony with the other two judges, singing Ed Sheeran’s hit “Thinking Out Loud.”

I think most women would melt in his arms, but Simon must be experiencingliving a dream with his arms around the beautiful J-Lo too!

Everything about this video is priceless! Who could forget this memorablemoment?

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