Kendall, Cara and … Katie Grand? Meet the fashion industry’s secret weapon

(CNN)As social media continues to lift the veil on the inner workings of the fashion industry, the teams that craft the images — make up artists, hairdressers, photographers and stylists — have, in many cases, as much influence as the models and designers they support.

This is certainly true of super stylist Katie Grand.

“She’s like a sounding board,” Jacobs told CNN Style presenter Derek Blasberg at LOVE’s most recent issue launch.
“I think I become so overwhelmed by choices, and what’s great is to have someone outside of the company who has an outside eye.”
When asked about the source of her talent, Jacobs commented:
“There’s no crystal ball, there’s no formula, it’s very instinctive. I think when people love something with all their heart, the impulse and the instincts are just there.”

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