Little Guinea Pig Is Handed A Carrot, Then His Friend Sneaks Up From Behind To Grab It

I imagine that a lot ofus had a tiny rodent pet when we were growing up.

Whether you had a hamster, agerbil, or a guinea pig, tiny balls of fluff were the animal du jour to have as a pet.

That’s probably because they’re just as entertaining as dogs and cats, but they’re also easily containable in their little carriers.

You can also get more than one little critter, but this could also lead to some complications, as they don’t always get along like these three fluffy friends do.

There may be a bit of fluffy hostility on the way to eventual friendship; even after they become accustomed to living with one another, there is always the chance that a friendly fight will break out especiallywhen it comes to food.

This is what happened with the three little guinea pigs in the video below, who were being fed delicious mini carrots.

Two of the guineas received their carrots first, but the third just couldn’t wait to get his.

In the clip, you can see as he sneaksbehind one of the them and tries to nab the carrot from behind, resulting in a brief but epic tug-of-war battle.

Though both guinea pigs end up with a carrot of their own, their tiny scuffle is definitely worth the watch check it out below!

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