Little Snake Hatches From Egg, Then Owner Notices Weird Shapes On His Scales

Do you like snakes? These reptiles, like many other creatures, are some of the most misunderstood animals in the world. Many people have a phobia of snakes, while others love them and keep them as pets.Whatever your thoughts on snakes, I’m sure you’d be thrilled if you found one with interesting patterns on its scales.

The snake in the video below has a set of scales that is truly remarkable.

In Toccoa, Georgia, back in 2016, reptile shop owner Justin Kobylka received a new addition to his store: aball python hatchling.

Ball pythons, also known as royal pythons, are non-venomous constrictor snake that are usuallyfoundin sub-Saharan Africa.

When this particular baby python was fully out of his egg, Justin noticed a distinctly odd pattern on its scales.

In fact, the more he looked at the snake, the more the pattern became familiar to him.

The python, as recorded by Justin in the video below, has white scales. However, running along his coiling body are yellow shapes that many readers will come to recognize… especially if they have a smartphone!

Yep, the python has scales shaped just like emoji happy faces!

This little snake is truly one of a kind and if his scales are any indication, he’s pretty happy, too!

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