Man Bends Down To Pet Sleeping Lion, But Has No Clue Leopard Is Sneaking Up On Him From Behind

Eduardo Serio founded the Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation so he could save wild cats from dangerous living conditions and provide them with a second chance.

One day, he learned just how much his rescues appreciated the kind of life he gave them.

He was kneeling down beside a group of lions as they relished in the fresh air and sunshine of their sanctuary. A man behind that camera joked with Eduardo as he played on one of the lion’s stomachs as if it were a set of drums. The cat rescuer was certainly having a great time, until the unthinkable happened.

In the video posted on March 7, 2017 below, a leopard emerges on camera and starts walking towards Eduardo and his lion friends. The leopard spots his handler from afar and suddenly breaks into a sprint.

As the leopard rushes toward his Eduardo looking ready to attack, a nearby tiger spots his urgency.

He quickly connects the dots and jumps up. He knows his handler needs protection.

Instantly, the large tiger pounces at the leopard causing him to jump in the air. The leopard dodges the tiger and continues running to Eduardo. Luckily, the cat rescuer turns around just in time.

He freezes at first, but tries to move out of the way once the tiger catches up to the leopard and ruins his tackle.

Let’s just say that this tiger’s love for Eduardo probably saved his life that day.

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