Man Collects Bottle Caps For A Year, Then Carefully Arranges Them On Plain Wooden Table

A lot of people have collections that are meaningful to them. From postcards to stamps, coins, and comic books, many people feel connected to their collections.

For collectors, it’s important to display the items in a beautiful way that gives them the respect they deserve.

Many people feel that their collections represent them. Each item in the collection might mean something significant to the person and act as a reminder of the time and place the person got them.

One man, Vincent Kompanini, collects caps from beer bottles. Thebottle caps are beautiful and colorful and represent a variety of beer brands.

Vincent explained on Imgur, “These were accumulated at a slow pace over about a year. I didn’t drink all of the beers associated with the caps; some were donated by friends and family, some I picked off the floor when I was out and about like a total weirdo, embarrassing whoever I was with at the time.”

Instead of just keeping them in a jar, Vincent decided to do something much more special with the bottle caps: make them into a table.


Once Vincent had his mind set on creating a tabletop out of his bottle caps, he set to work on completing his brilliant plan.

The first step? Buying a simple wooden table from Ikea.


Because most simple wooden tables are completely flat, Vincent had to add a lip to the edge in order to hold in the epoxy resin he was planning to pour over the bottle caps.

He used dowels to create the border, then filled thegaps with wood glue.


Once the table lip was set in place, the next step was to sand it down to make it look seamless.

Sanding also helped round out the edges and prime it for painting, which was Vincent’s next step.


Vincent decided that he would paint the table a light gray color, “as it would allow all the colorful bottle caps to stand out,” he explained on Imgur.


Vincent explained that this was probably the most boring part of putting the table together, but it was pretty quick since the table was small.


Now for the fun part: deciding how to organize the bottle caps.

Vincent explained, “Initially I wanted to organise them in a kind of colour spectrum, but I didn’t have enough of some colours, so I decided to go for a big mix, with colours distributed around the whole table.”


In the end, Victor chose to arrange the bottle caps in a seemingly random way. “There are a few duplicates, but I tried to keep them to a minimum,” explains Victor.


The next step was gluing all the bottle caps into place. Vincent wrote:

I did a few dry runs until I was satisfied with the layout and distribution of colours. The caps are from all over the place.

Most are British beers, but there are some German, Swiss, Czech, Belgian, and Italian ones in there too, as I made sure to acquire as many unique ones as I could whilst on holiday in those places.


Vincent made sure that all the bottle caps were nestled together tightly. Some of them were more difficult to fit in, so he used pliers to get them into place.


Next, Vincent poured a two-part epoxy resin over the bottle caps, which becomes solid once it dries.

The resin not only keeps the bottle caps in place, but it also turns perfectly clear and shiny like glass when it dries, showing off the bottle caps beautifully.


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