Man Sits Down Across From Brown Horse And Starts Playing Huge Flute To See His Reaction

I will admit, I was unaware of how much animals love music. And I mean genuinely love it.

This dog cannot hear Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There” without completely losing it to the music, while this pup decided his mom’s lullaby was so moving that he sang with her. He ended up falling asleep in the process, but that’s neither here nor there!

Of course, those are dogs, whichwe all know to be completely in tune with us. But what about horses? Well, get ready to watch as this man mesmerizes a group of horses using a very special instrument.

The video is set at the Animu Luce Horse Farm in Belgium, where Michael Telapary is getting ready to play a tune for the horses.

He states that he has played for the animals before, but used a different flute with a higher range, and the horses didn’t care for it.

Now, he’s using a High Spirits contrabass flute, witha lower, deeper register.

“Let’s see if they like it and if they stay for my playing,” he says.

The moment he begins to play the flute, the horse nearest to him seems to react, edging closer to the instrument.

“OK, this one seems to like it. Let’s see what the other ones do when I play,” he says.

It’s here that the true effect of the flute is shown. One horse lieson the floor, listening to him play the way an eager audience would.

Then, two more horses come over, each of them curious and mesmerized by the flute. They stand and watch Telapary play, at times not moving a muscle.

At the end of his performance, Telapary looks at one of the horses, then looks at the camera and says “He says ‘thank you.’”

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