Mom Of 3 Wants To Feel Young Again, So She Totally Transforms With A Sexy Makeover

When you become a parent, you are totally responsible for another life and so moms and dads often start putting themselves last.

But there does come a point in life when someone might say, Hey, you need to do something for you. And then it dawns on themthat that hasn’t happened in years.

So whatbetter way to give yourself a new beginningthan a complete makeover! And that’s what The Rachael Ray Showdoes for hundreds of women in needof a fresh look.

On January 18, 2016, mom of three Jodiann was looking to bring her sexy back by leaving her look in the hands of the show’s style experts. After having several kids, Jodiann knew that she needed to do something for herself and so she wanted herplain look to get enhanced.

After taking an initial trip to Target and being shown a thing or two about fashion as seen in an earlier segment before the reveal Jodiann was ready for the transformation that she wanted to last for a lifetime.

And so, the time came for Jodiann to unveil her new look to all of America. When she walked onstage in a bright red bodysuit, jaws dropped on and off the stage. But the most shocking face occurred when Jodiann turned around to see her new look, and she it seemed like she didn’teven recognize herself!

You can tell from her response during and after the reveal that this woman is not letting this sexy look slip. But you’ll have to watch the video below to see it for yourself!

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