Mom Rips Up Old Floors And Finds Eerie Warnings About Ghosts In The House

As a kid, I always dreamed of finding some sort of historic artifact in my backyard. I imagined I’d be playing outside with my friends and come across something incredible an arrowhead or a piece of ancient pottery.

Unfortunately, that never happened. As I got older, I hoped instead that I might find a message in a bottle or some long-lost love note. Again, no such luck.

Nowadays my hope is to just find a nice note on my receipt or a Post-it on my desk in the morning.

One woman recently lived my dreams when she started remodeling her house. The woman, who goes by Jennybo86 on Imgur, ripped up the flooring of her house to put down new floors of her choice.

She was probably expecting to find a normal wooden subfloor, but what she found was definitely a surprise.

When she pulled up the flooring, she found something incredible: notes from the house’s previous owners.

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Jennybo86 shared her findings on Imgur, where she claimed she felt like she’d stumbled upon a time capsule how incredible is that?


Many of the notes just provide details of the children’s lives: things like what schools they go to, what their dogs’ names are, andwhat they’re interested in.

“I’m 13. I love photography,” one note says. “I go to MRSS. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I will graduate in 2013.”

In addition to notes, the previous owners left behind photos,taped down to the subfloor beside the writing.


One common thread throughout the notes is the mention of other people who used to live in the house parents, grandparents, etc.

The notes also mention ghosts living there.

One of the notes says that the grandfather “may come and visit you.”


That’s not the only mention of paranormal activity at this house, though.

The previous owner says the ghosts who live there have television preferences, and apparently really don’t like CSI: NY.

None of the notes make it sound like the ghosts are malicious, so as long as the new owners abide by their television preferences, it seems like everything should be fine.

It looks like there are currently two small kids living in the house hopefully the friendly ghosts will keep them safe from harm.


What would you do if you found notes like this in your house?

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